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This way or another one can summarize the concept for success of rent4Event.

In 2000 we decided to bring together the experiences we have made as employees of a large nonfood-caterer, and produce the evidence that it can work even better.

That it really did work better became apparent very soon and very clearly. The logical result was the opening of Rent4Event-Berlin and consequently the presence on one of Europe’s most competitive markets.

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What is Nonfood Catering?

Nonfood-Catering means that we deliver everything you may need for your event, except for groceries. We rent out glasses, porcelain, and cutlery. Everything gets cleaned by highly modern dishwashing systems, hygienically packed, ready to be laid on the table and delivered by us. More than that, we are offering service equipment, professional kitchen technique and furniture in excellent quality and large quantities.
In 2008 we entered a partnership unique for this type of business with SUITESTUFF, and since then we can upgrade your event with exclusive lounge landscapes.

Is that all?

No, of course not. Rent4Event understands itself as a service provider and above all this means: Service! At your request we deliver, assemble your event, take it down again, place logistic experts on the site and organise the return.
Do you need something that we do not have in our product range? Tents, container, etc….we will get it for you. We can draw on a large network of event professionals, with whom we work together closely to always provide the greatest possible service.

What sort of events does Rent4Event supply?

We supply events of any kind and any size. If trade show, film premiere, summer party, award ceremony, ball, shop opening, wedding, road show, gala, garden party….Rent4Event always offers the appropriate equipment.
With more than 6,500,000 pieces rented out in the year 2008 we were able to contribute to the success of our clients. In doing so, the action radius of our logistic team reaches from Paris to Kattowitz and Hamburg to Munich.