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RENT4EVENT is the first carbon neutral event outfitter

RENT4EVENT is the first carbon neutral event outfitter

Going easy on recourses, educating young people and creating secure and attractive working conditions are essential factors in determining our actions and decisions at RENT4EVENT. By no means do we see each other at the goal but yet at the beginning of a path which is determined by questioning all processes regarding their value for people and the environment. Of course the profitability is always the central interest of a business venture, but it should not be the only thing standing in the foreground. What essentially is clear to anyone, protecting the environment and the society as a habitat for coming generations has strong consequences for our present actions.

RENT4EVENT has therefore decided in the year 2012 to work carbon neutral. As the first event outfitter we are compensating all CO2 emissions that we were not able to avoid despite efforts of reduction. Besides the power for dishwashing, lighting, computer, etc. it concerns above all the emissions of our delivery trucks and those that are caused by heating and business trips.
In cooperation with PRIMAKLIMA-weltweit-e.V. we finance reforestation projects that incorporate the emissions produced by us in the following decades and thereby compensate them. After 50 years our emissions will be compensated fivefold. Further information can be found at www.prima-klima-weltweit.de

Nonfood-Catering as a contribution for a respective handling of our recourses

Due to constantly growing requirements of a new industry, non-food-catering, which goes hand-in-hand with the professionalisation of the event industry, anyone planning an event, can resort to a large range of porcelain, cutlery and glasses. Therefore it was possible to reduce the usage of disposable tableware by a fair amount. Non-food caterers often rent out many millions of single pieces per year. That is why they are equipped with an optimized dishwashing logistic. We at RENT4EVENT work for example with the most modern commercial dishwashers from Hobart und Meiko as well as with special cutlery dishwashing devices from Walter Trowal. The water-, power and chemistry usage per piece is optimized in a way that a normal small dishwasher can not achieve.

Similar things are true for our furniture. We offer a broad range of furniture pieces for almost any possible event even with high numbers of attendants. Not every location or every event organizer has to buy furniture in large numbers but should concentrate on the pieces that are regularly in use. The rest is rented. In order to reduce the pollution of our environment, we preferably use lacquer on water basis. Due to our central locations and as a full-range supplier of tabletop, furniture, bars and lounges, we can serve our clients with everything needed through one big, but complete delivery avoiding the traffic of too many small deliveries from niche suppliers.

Step by step

As described we see each other only at the beginning of a path. We were able to realize some of our goals already:

  • we have shifted to digital correspondence by 80%. That does not only save paper but also transport of letters, toner, etc.
  • what has to be printed nonetheless , is printed on recycling paper
  • of course we place value on waste separation in all business areas
  • through the offer of leftover disposal, we take care of the transportation and further processing in a useful and sustainable way.
  • Our delivery trucks are all equipped with modern devices for nitride oxide emission minimisation
  • Especially customized roll containers to fit our transport containers minimize the usage of strech wrap
  • Packaging units according to standard European sizes reduce principally the space requirements and thereby the transport volume
  • We regularly examine the possibilities for optimization at the biannual conventions
  • All our employees received directives regarding environment protection
  • We care for the education of young people in cooperation with the Chamber of industry and commerce (IHK)
  • “NO TABLE - NO CHAIR – NO PLATE” under this slogan we take position against right-wing extremism and racism. We do not supply events of Nazis. Instead we support many events which fight against right-wing extremism and for tolerance.