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regarding your order
  • We supply glass racks, plate and cutlery boxes in European Standards sizes. The set-up with EUR-pallets and roll containers allows optimal handling. Our merchandise is hygienically and safely packed.
  • Due to our innovative dishwashing technique, our tableware is ready to be laid on the table. Dishes, glasses and cutlery get returned to us unwashed. Please remove all coarse food residues.
  • We deliver CO² neutral. Should you be planning a CO² neutral event, you do not have to take in account any further compensation for our services.
  • We accept returns of our rental products under reserve. Exact fractions or missing numbers can only be determined after examination. Prices for table cloth and slip covers include cleaning.
  • 1 Rental Unit (Mieteinheit ME) = 3 days, or from Friday to Monday.
  • Please pay attention to the packing unit (Verpackungseinheit VE).
  • Standard sizes: 1 GN = 1 Gastronorm = 53 x 32,5cm
  • The filling quantity of our glasses and plates are total filling quantities. Exceptions are calibrated glasses.
  • The full billing amount is due at delivery or pick-up. Exceptions require written agreement.
  • All prices are prices per item and are to be understood plus the additional actual sales tax (MwSt.) A pricelist for private clients already including sales tax can be obtained through us.
  • Prices for delivery are available upon request. Prices include the transport behind the first door on ground level. Please clarify any particular spatial conditions ahead of time.
  • When required we also like to transport your rental items to a specific event location, assemble the event, take it down again and organize the return. Prices are available upon request.
  • After prior information delivery and pick-up are possible all around the clock when needed.
  • Please pay attention to the technical requirements when ordering kitchen equipment. Especially the safety of electrical connections should be examined. We gladly refer you to professionals for possible needed repairs of electric connections.
  • All gas appliances run on propane gas.
  • We gladly assist you in acquiring materials beyond our range of products. All our rental products are also available for purchase.
  • TIP: Order according to the different areas of your event, this will save time when distributing the products on site.
  • We are constantly expanding our product range in order to be able to offer you the latest technical innovations and trends.